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dyerector is the new name so all future flashes will be coming out under his name, except the castle crashers collab which will remain a volcomsk8r12 exclusive ;P foward all PMs to dyerector

I'm back!...sorta

2008-12-19 13:50:18 by volcomsk8r12

Ok so i've been on abit of a hiatus, and I owe two ppl voice scripts, and to those people I am sorry if i'm holding up production; But yea lifes been busy and not busy at the same time. All my buds are back from college so the parties are crazy and when i'm home I can barely drag my lazy ass outta bed... too much jungle juice I suppose. Well hopefully next week will keep me snowed in or something so I can focus on my voicing again.

Yea so... I am banned from the audio portal because my lil piece shit fuckpie of a bro decided hey lemme post a linkin park song in there under my account name. INSTA-BAN!!! I come onto my comp and finish up a song I worked on for a good 2 hours (lol, I was just messing with a new program called mixcraft). So yea I come on and try to post that bitch and its all like! "YO HOMEY YOUS BE BANNED FROM THIS BITCH AND IF YOU WANNA FIGURES OUTS WHYS, YOU GOTTA PM WAAAAAAAAAAAADE!" So I PM Wade not once, not twice, 3 mutherfuckin times... and no response everytime!!! WTF OMG WADE YOU SUCK!!! (JK, please don't ban me from the site ><) anyways, I'm thinking "hey if Wade isn't responding, I'll wait till Tom gets back from Japan and PM him" I PM him after hes back from Japan last week and geuss to my fucking surprise! No PM from him either... My faith in my Newgrounds staff has dropped drastically, and i'm all Sad/Misunderstood/Crying Face...(No Emo, similar to No Homo, but for non-emos) Can Any1 start a revolution in my honor to get me un-banned? that would totally rock my socks, and I would totally give you quality voice-acting if you wanted it! You can hear my lovely voice in the new ChickenScratch episode coming out soon... its good! =D Anyways!!!! I am so Angri Faic at my current state of being banned from the audio portal that I refuse pray to the Tom god before I go to bed anymore. HAH! take that Tom! bet your shaking in your booties NOW!

P.S. Wade you suck! (Don't ban me, please!)

WTF?! banned from the audio portal

production halted

2008-10-31 00:38:50 by volcomsk8r12

So.... things are in the bummer state of mind for flash at the moment. haha my social life is skyrocketing (thank you college, get drunk and party every night, every day woooooooohoooo) but I do so miss being able to work on my projects ='( between writing papers and getting drunk. I can't find the time to work on my flashes anymore ='( lol i love repeating my self!!! anyways! I did voice the new script for the next chickenscratch episode. The original creator of the series, kind of bailed out, but me and Facepalmer are trying to keep it alive. The script sounds delicious, so hopefully face can animate that bitch up real quick and get it out asap, because it is a time-sensitive subject =P so hopefully it will be out before or on tuesday (hint hint). alright back to my 3rd english paper this semester >< kill me now! ok back to normal life.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh the image is just something I thought was funny... THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!

production halted

DIY Teddy Troops

2008-10-04 23:38:59 by volcomsk8r12 1367
thats the link to the thread for the contest!

Anyways, so I just received my teddy trooper in the mail today. HOORAY! been drawing on him with pencil, to work up the idea. I don't have any magnificient art supply collection, but a pretty NG inspired idea... I can't wait to see it when its done. maybe i'll make it all glossy. how cool what that be?! anyways back to work on Castle Crashers Collab and my Teddy =3

DIY Teddy Troops

check it out
first scene is nearly done but still has some syncing issues... the rest of the flash is the storyboard with the voice acting as well as the crappy storyboard art =D


2008-09-17 09:20:00 by volcomsk8r12

CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!!! (its the trailer)

All the rumors you may or may not have heard are true! Mark Wahlberg is max payne! Mila Kunis is Mona Sax, which isn't a bad cast if I say so myself

John Moore is directing, he is known for his other films:
The Omen (2006)
Flight of the Phoenix (2004)
Behind Enemy Lines (2001)


like the subject says, I have tons of projects in the works....
-voice work for malestro
-"Secret Project" even word of what its called, would ruin it
-"the living tattoo"
-TF2 collab
-MC Chris music video which I will finish sometime in the near future =3

:the pic is low quality and is missing a few pieces like his gun and other arm =P: but hey thats why its called "still in the works", right?

bunch of great new projects on the horizon

so goddamned busy

2008-08-28 11:02:31 by volcomsk8r12

I wanna stay home and play castle crashers all day and finish up the voice acting I have to do for VintageBro but I have classes all day friggin long... way into 9pm tonight... WHY DO I LOVE IT SO MUCH!?! is what i'm asking myself right now ><


2008-08-27 19:33:23 by volcomsk8r12

Named Ac1d5nake on xbox live invite me lets crash some castles