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A MC Chris Music video... the song is Pizza butt, I also want to work on Kill it by MC, if anyone wants to do a collab for either pizza butt or Kill it, or any MC chris song. PM THE SHIT OUT OF ME!

First flash is going to be....

Hey guys, I got banned for talking about pirating in a forum. boo hoo. oh well. but to ask a legit question about flash is my true top priority. I would like to know how to work sounds or music with flash. like for syncing with a animation. i've been scouring flash pro 8 up and down for a way to load up sounds or music to get working on it, but to no avail. (spelt right?) But if one of you lucky NGs happen to stumble on my plight and wanna throw down a helping hand... i'll be your slave for life... but not a sex slave

banned, so i need to ask my flash question here

I now have flash pro 8!

2008-08-11 14:04:28 by volcomsk8r12

Super excited to finally have flash in my hands! i'm psyched to get rolling on project number 1! any suggestions or aid to help me grow from a newb to a master would be truly appreciated. My big question is voice syncing. That is one thing I don't think i can wrap my mind around just yet, but If someone is willing to sit down with me (not literally) and throw a helping hand, that would rock. k thnx

Voice Acting List

2008-07-31 02:22:09 by volcomsk8r12

Here is a list of all the voices I will attempt in my first clip
-typical italian mobster
-english gentlemen
-upity cartoon character
-deep voice
-mysterious villian
-pissed off lady
-trailer trash

Any suggestions for more please leave a comment or PM me, thnx .l..('_')..l.


2008-07-28 00:20:47 by volcomsk8r12

Hey everybody, I have decided to whore myself out for voice acting and sketch drawing for characters you flashers may need. Hit me with a PM, 2 examples of my art in my icon and profile pic, more drawings to come, as well as a voice test =D. Flood me with ideas so I can be of service to you



2008-07-24 00:28:25 by volcomsk8r12

unfortunetly I am moving 1 hour away from my current town for college, which is mixed emotions. Oh well right new people new things. Well i'd love to blog about myself like a gay, cause no one is honestly following me in anyway, cuz I don't make flashes as much as I want to!!!!