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bunch of great new projects on the horizon

2008-09-07 15:45:11 by volcomsk8r12

like the subject says, I have tons of projects in the works....
-voice work for malestro
-"Secret Project" even word of what its called, would ruin it
-"the living tattoo"
-TF2 collab
-MC Chris music video which I will finish sometime in the near future =3

:the pic is low quality and is missing a few pieces like his gun and other arm =P: but hey thats why its called "still in the works", right?

bunch of great new projects on the horizon


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2008-09-07 15:49:41

I wish I could draw stuff like you, lol. It's looking really good! Just be sure to actually finish it and not procrastinate (like I do). Good luck!

volcomsk8r12 responds:

haha don't worry I procrastinate ALOT... but hopefully I get the time to finish it

btw thats all done with a mouse... I wish I had a tablet


2008-09-11 22:28:28

Yo dude, I was the other guy that was in the TF2 collab. You're really good at drawing. You could teach me a thing or two. Lol great job with the flash. :D

volcomsk8r12 responds:

haha thnx man, my animating is bad, but my drawing is good if I take my time heh. I need a tablet tho! =P